I'd like to offer you a share of this by giving you your own unique website for the bestselling product I have EVER sold. I'm going to do everything for you, I'll set you up in less than five minutes all you need is an email address and a PayPal account, I'll even show you where to get your orders for free!
Earlier in the year I introduced you to a guy called Chris Jones, Chris exclusively allowed me to sell his product "£250 in five minutes or less" and it turned out to be the bestselling single digital product that I have ever sold.Simply put, over 2.5 million in sales in six months.
Pretty sweet eh ?

Well, Chris has made his money and has asked me to hand over his business to a handful of my customers.
Will those customers make 2.5 million each? Highly unlikely
Will they make at least 10,000 a month?
This is really exciting because the product is still bringing in lots of cash each week and now it's your turn to grab some of that cash. And what's more Chris is going to give each one a highly effective free method of getting orders, one that we have been using to help generate 2.5 million in sales for Chris.

The bad news is, to keep it totally exclusive Chris is only going to release a handful of these ready-made websites...websites that you can simply plug into your PayPal account at the click of a button to start collecting funds. You will get an exact copy of the website that has brought in over 2 million in the last six months AND you won't need to do anything everything is set up and delivered automatically for you.
Now, just to prove that anyone can do this Chris did an amazing experiment with Claire, one of my customers.
This is what he did:-
Gave her 5 sheets of paper,
Gave her a her own INSTANT website (just like I'm offering here)
Allowed her 1 Hour a day
AND…just let her get on with it…
And here's what she has done so far in just 6 weeks...
So, if you are one of the lucky few that get on board, this is going to be a huge money spinner for you.

An established website and product that sells to almost one in four
visitors, and has never been released (and never will) through Clickbank or
as an affiliate product or through anyone else other than myself.
This is a truly is unique opportunity, there is nothing else that compares!
This will bring you in a great regular income stream for 2014, and you'll get your first sales in no time!
Let me tell you how this all came about and what happened
You probably recall that last year at Christmas, Chris Jones came to see me in my offices and introduced me to a revolutionary way of making up to £250 in under five minutes. I tried and tested it and had some fantastic success with his five step system, as have many of my customers that bought it. Well Chris let me have the exclusive rights to market the product and it turned out to be the bestselling downloadable product I've ever sold, and one of the methods that I used to sell it is totally free, and frankly so SIMPLE that I'd actually dismissed it for years.
Anyway, over the past few months I've been able to add a brand-new FREE income stream for Chris, and it's one that he is going to reveal to the lucky few that get on board with this offer.

In fact this easy, simple to use method that is going to be revealed to you brings in orders every day for FREE - It never fails!

And then I'm going to reveal to you another easy FREE method that could literally EXPLODE your sales! But guess what, I'm not even going to talk about the method in this letter, I'm just going to show you when you join up.

Anyway, the bottom line was 2.5 Million sales for an automatic downloadable product in around 6 Months..from scratch!

Now, I can tell you... that is an amazing result even by my standards.
The best thing about it of course is that the
product simply sells itself!
You see, there's a lot of product out there, but not much that is unique almost every product you see is being sold by literally hundreds if not thousands of affiliates, so unless you've got a huge list of your own, or you're one of the first 50 people to get on the bandwagon you'll never make more than a few quid.

So can you imagine what would happen if you had a product that has literally outsold almost everything that ever sold on Clickbank, a product that is going to be restricted to just a small handful of my customers selling it. A product that not only sells itself but also delivers itself and converts almost one in every four visitors to the site using just one of the methods that is going to be revealed to you.

Let me say that again...
It converts almost 1 in every 4 visitors to a sale!
And what's more, this can all be set up for you within five minutes as long as you have the following:-
A valid email address
A PayPal account
Don't panic if you don't have a PayPal account, don't let that stop you getting on board because once you've registered with Chris you can activate your website in under 5 minutes whenever you're ready.

Within five minutes of getting on board you could have Instant CASH-FLOW !

So, just to recap
You’ll get your own copy of Chris’s bestselling product and website
The same one that has brought in over 2.5 Million
The same one that brought Claire nearly $6000 in 6 weeks
We can make it live and ready to take orders within five minutes
You get to keep 100% of the money
This is not an affiliate program
If you think this sounds like the perfect business, you are right, it is!

It hits all my "must have" buttons.
UNFORTUNATLY though as I mentioned before...
there is some BAD news.
You see, only a small handful of these websites are EVER going to be released, and there's a very good reason for that. Chris simply wants other people that are in the same boat as he was last year to make some decent money, and to make sure they get the best opportunity possible he is keeping the numbers low.

Now for the GOOD news!

A small handful of you are going to be making some serious profits in the coming months PROVIDING that you grab this opportunity while it's still available and follow the EASY step-by-step instructions.

Now, this simple website and product has brought in over 2.5 million in less than six months, and I'll be honest with you, Chris is still going to be selling the product with me for the foreseeable future, BUT we are not going to be using the secret methods that Chris will be showing you or the secret sources for free easy customers. We will use it for other products, but not this one, this is going to be all yours.

The trick here is to get in as quickly as possible to secure your website.

Just one of the FREE sources that we are going to show you is bringing Chris in around $600 a day, others are bringing in between $40 and $290 a day, of course, it's a simple process of scale and multiplication.

Just one of these is bringing Claire in almost $1000 a week for an hours work a day.

Did I mention that you are going to get over 40 of these sources? So if you copy the formula and put in some extra hours you could quite easily take 5 to 30 orders a day.

Now, I can't lie to you, you are going to have to do some work to get this, but if you can get online or send an email you could be bringing in orders in no time. I must point out that how many orders you get will be directly related to the time and effort you put into this. You will need to dedicate at least four hours a week, the more effort you put into it the more money you will make. If that's a problem for you then this is not for you.

My advice is simple:- GRAB this opportunity while you can, put in whatever hours you can, get your cash in the bank, and pretty soon you will find that you're addicted to making money, and you will be wanting to spend more time on this each day, every week and every month. You will soon see that with every bit of effort you make, more money flows into your bank account.

Remember though, I am only contacting a small number of customers, and Chris is only releasing a very limited amount of websites, so this isn't one of those offers that is going to be available forever!

Will you be one of the few that grabs this unique opportunity?
Is that going to be you?
If it is... being totally realistic, you could be up and running with orders coming to your website in less than 24 hours.
Can you imagine what you could do with this NEW Technique?
This is a totally ZERO RISK way to get sales to a high converting website with a proven successful product and no competition !
...And with Chris's personal help, and with all the information that I have discovered and tested since April this year, the next 12 months is going to give you a truly healthy profit.
As always the people that will make the most money will be the first in.
Every order you get will go directly into your own PayPal account. That means you have 100% of the money in your account, It" doesn't get any better than that!
That means that you are in total control of how much money you make at any time. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even yearly, if you need more money you put in a little more time, simple as that.
Can you imagine
£1091.67 A Day
£7,147.59 A week
Or £31,507.20 ? A month or MORE
Or EVEN a just few 1000 ?
This is one of those opportunities that you see other people take up and think "if only I had..." This is the fastest way to a booming business that I have ever seen, but you need the right product, the right website and the right sources AND you need to know how to do this properly.
But of course it doesn't stop there...

What about the valuable list you will building....You could literally quadruple your profits by selling other products to your list.

The very same list that has cost you nothing to build and has given you a strong healthy profit week by week, month by month.

Did I mention that the free sources that you will get will actually supply you with an inexhaustible quantity of buyers.

What I mean by that is that they'll never run out.
I'll tell you more about this later, but in case you're wondering it has absolutely nothing to do with social media or anything like that!
When you see how simple this is when you have the right website and product, and no competition.. you will suddenly understand how you can easily be pulling in Thousands of Pounds, Tens of Thousands of Pounds, maybe Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds with no risk in spite of the economic climate!
Remember this same information (the very same information I'd like to share with you) and same website has already brought in more than...
£2.5 MILLION in less than six months
There Is Nothing Else Out There Like This

As you know I've been actively selling downloadable products online since the very first moment it became possible, and this EXCLUSIVE offer is completely unique - It will give you the means to bring in sales to a high converting website and product offer that has been proven to work exceptionally well in the last six months.
So what we've done is to develop a unique piece of software (you don't have to download anything it's all done online with a simple form) that is going to enable you to simply type in your email address and PayPal address and almost instantly you will have your own cloned version of Chris's website all ready to go in less than five minutes.

Now, this could mean a truly record year for some of my customers, because within a few minutes of signing up they going to have their own ready-made high converting, profitable website and over 40 sources of targeted customers that is going to totally revolutionise the way they do business on the internet.
So let's take a look at Chris's product just in case you can't recall
it from earlier in the year, why was it so successful?
Well, as you know, people are always looking to make more money and Chris's simple 5 step system can instantly solve this problem. His system is something that works effectively to help your customer target and make £500 a day
Not a million a month
Or thousands a day
But a realistic £500 a day and…
Once your customer has learnt this simple technique he can show the system to his:-
Family, friends & co-workers
Help them all make an extra £500 + a day
Help them all become financially free
And all the while their bank account starts growing and growing
1000's are already benefiting from this and there is more than enough profit to keep everyone happy.

Simplicity is the KEY to SUCCESS and this 5 step system is the most SIMPLE and easy to follow that you can imagine. Amazingly the biggest profit potential is usually from the simplest idea !
Chris shows how to do this regardless of the time your customers have available to dedicate to it because of prior job/family commitments.

*** The system works best if the customers take the time to put in a little effort and money, and Chris has some fantastic testimonials on the website that you will get, testimonials like these:-
"Thanks for sending me Chris's program David, super easy to follow and set up, had my first £500 day today!"
Noel Thompson
"I love it, this system is very fast paced, and you can make a significant profit in a very short time"
Gary Sweetland
This is so cool, £245 in less than ten minutes, and I can repeat it again and again, its simply amazing that you can make this kind of money this quickly" A Dowel
"Hey Chris, took a look at the workbook, can't believe how simple this is and how badly I would have got it wrong if I hadn't followed your guide! Got set up in 6 or 7 minutes, made my first profit 5 minutes later…you guys rock!
Eric Madden Chris's product is
The real beauty of Chris's product is that it is a truly SIMPLE "fool proof" STEP BY STEP guide. It's not complicated and its not reams and reams of paper or hundreds of hours of DVDs designed to baffle you. The whole system is way too simple for that. If your customer can spare just 20 minutes to read this Step By Step work book and 5 to 10 minutes to set up and follow the Plan, they can be on the road to success within minutes.
OK, so back to you, you want to be in the online information business, maybe you have tried for years because you can see how profitable it is? So, what you need is a FAST and Simple way to bring in BIG profits, with no overheads, no marketing costs, no staff costs and the freedom do what you want to and not be tied to a desk all day long.

Does that sound like it in a nutshell?

If the answer is yes then I think that you would agree that this is an incredible opportunity for you.

You will be getting hold of one of only a small handful of these ready-made websites for a product that has outstripped sales of almost every product ever launched on Clickbank or any other affiliate platform.

So, lets not forget that the exact same website that you will get brought in over
TWO & A Half Million Pounds
in under six months!
This is an opportunity for literaly anyone to succeed in a short space of time, so lets help you make the next 12 months the best year ever.
Right now, with fuel costs, the economy, taxes, job losses etc, life has never been more uncertain. So lets have a positive look at the future.
...This 5 Step System Website is Unique, Easy and could change your fortunes overnight
Join me and let me help you secure your future, I PROMISE you that this is a really SIMPLE money generating technique that virtually anyone can do. If you can use a PC, laptop, iPad or tablet you can do this, you can even run it from an iPhone or a Smartphone!
Oh, and let's not forget that you can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. That means that you can run this from almost ANYWHERE YOU LIKE !

As I said before, this is a very different offer. Unique. Not just because of the limited number of websites released, but because...
"In 5 Minutes or Less You Will Be In The Unique Position Of Having Your Own custom Website Already Linked To Your PayPal Account And Ready To Take
nd once you have read the simple instructions and discovered the 40 secret FREE sources for customers, you will be set up and ready to make your first profits.

Look, last year Chris was broke and in a dead end job, he discovered his way of making a few hundred a day and was doing great, then he released this simple highly profitable product on the web and WHAM 2.5 MILLION !

And when the product is getting testimonials like these it's easy to see why:-
"...many thanks for the copy of Chris's 5 step system, I have to say that I was amazed at how easy this is... in my first day I made over £60 for 40 minutes work, since then I have been able to make around £100 a day with the 5 step system in less than 20 minutes a day.This a 100% legitimate way to make money online, I would Highly recommended, this 5 step system, its incredibly easy to follow" Pastor Jon Sampson
Did I mention that when you get your BRAND NEW website the profit is all yours? There is no one to share the profits with, its all yours to keep. (I mean it, all yours)
When I say the profit is ALL YOURS TO KEEP that's what I mean ALL YOURS ...NO profit share, NO forms to fill in, NO JV partners just click the button and get started
But it's not just about the website and the product, because I have developed an exclusive list for you of over 40 inexhaustible sources of free customers and its NOT through affiliate marketing, party plan, any kind of pyramid scheme or anything to do with Adwords, SEO, Article Writing, Media Buys, Blogging, Cost Per Action (CPA), PPC, Classified Newspapers, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Link Building, Joint Venture Partners, eMail Drops, Adswaps, PR, blogging or any kind of Social Media

I'd think that this was enough to get you excite because this could...
Set You Up Financially For Life!
Look, what I have just laid out for you is probably the most remarkable offer you have ever seen. It's real and now is the time. My advice is to get in now while it's available.

After all, the sky is literally your ONLY limit.

This easy to follow, Instant Website Profits system that I've just described, can seriously put you on the fast track to making a four, five or even six figure income... and quickly too.

If you have been trying to secure your financial future knowing that you could always be able to add new streams of income, you need to get this programme today while it's still available.

Even with all the description above I feel like I haven't done this the justice it deserves. It's almost impossible for me to tell you how exciting this will be for you if you are one of the few that get this. So let me give you a simple no-nonsense summary:
In 5 minutes or less you will own one of only a few clones of Chris's FULLY Automated Website
It will automatically be linked into your PayPal account within seconds
You will have access to over 40 inexhaustible sources of FREE customers, the same sources that we have used to generate over 2.5 million in less than 6 months.
Your website will have all the proof and testimonials from successful customers using Chris's 5 Step System.
"£19,590k in two weeks" - Andy Sales
"My profit was £785 that day! This system worked for me and it will work for you!" Michelle James
"Profit from my first 4 days has paid my mortgage and left me with a spare £100" - Jane Batton (lawyer)
"Results have been fantastic and our Account has grown considerably, its just getting bigger and bigger" Davina Wood
"At last, some passive income that I've long been looking for" Elisabeth Perceval
"This has given me a rewarding income within the limited time I can give to it, allowing me to have the lifestyle of both having money and the time to enjoy it" Dominic Merchant
"Cutting edge education and screaming profits!" JJ Andrews
"A monthly cash profit with very little time invested" Don Irvin
"I'm very impressed so far, my account is up by quite a lot!-Something like this could really help me build wealth long term" Anita Kowalski
As Chris told me on the day he walked in to my office...
"...David, This Is A Truly Amazing System, It's Smart, Easy And Really Is The SIMPLEST Money Making System I Have Ever Tried...You HAVE To Take A Look! "
It's no wonder that Chris's system has become such a BEST SELLER !
And now here's your chance to grab a piece of this..but you will have to be quick.
This is a LIMITED offer though!
As I said before, Chris will NOT release more than a handful of these website at any one time, so be warned that this offer could close at any time.

So, if you have a burning desire to bring in regular monthly income this offer could change everything for you. In 5 minutes or less you could be ready to change your fortunes
This is your chance to grasp control of your own destiny.
How much is the investment to get your own copy of Chris's website and all the secret inexhaustible
FREE customers.
Just £299 ($499)… a fraction of the cost of what you were expecting, it's a give away from Chris to you, a thank you if you like for everything he has got from this business in such a short time!
Yep, you read that right!

All you need to do to get your own Website clone of Chris's 5 Step System and the secret FREE customer sources is to pay just £299 ($499).
Because of the limited release your site is probably going to be worth 10 x what you paid for it even if you do nothing which means that you could probably resell it for $2000 or $3000 maybe more.
But this gets even better because of Chris's Personal Guarantee
Chris's Guarantee
You must make at least $20,000 within your first 120 days or he will buy your site back from you!
This Makes This Offer Easily The Best Investment You'll Make This Year...
So, let's just clarify exactly what is on offer here

Well, as a one off for a very small, select group of people who are serious about bringing some really decent money...in the fastest amount of time possible, Chris is going to give you a total clone of his website, already up and running as well as giving you over 40 resources of free QUALITY traffic. To be more specific, you will get:-
Your own INSTANT Clone of Chris's website
You just enter your name and PayPal address and everything will be set up for you in under 5 minutes
Step by Step instructions that anybody can follow to push an inexhaustible supply of regular buyers to your site for FREE.
(You will have trouble sleeping at night when you get to see how easy this truly is!)
You will also get Chris's own private list of over 40 sources & contact's that you can use absolutely for FREE. This is only available through Chris and you will not find this unique information anywhere else.
You will be able to take advantage of this completely unique situation by becoming one of just a handful of people that this information is revealed to.

Here are the components of this unique offer, & the powerful advantages a select few people will receive:
To put it bluntly...
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take REAL control of your future... A way to bring in more money than you have ever thought possible before.
Chris is offering to GIVE you an entire copy of his best-selling product and website, so that you can take control of your life and make it a HUGE success.
Seriously though, this is only going to be available to a few of you...

The way this is AUTOMATICALY set up for you is literally so simple and yet so powerful that you can be up and running and taking orders in a couple of hours.
Nobody Else I Know Is Doing This
You HAVE The chance To Be Just One Of An Exclusive Few!
When You Sign Up, You Will Be In The Unique Position Of Having One Of Only A Handful Of Copies Of This Website And You Will Know Exactly How And What To Do To Start Bringing In 1 Order To 100's Of Orders Every Day
Let's look at the numbers for a moment:-
The average sale is around $67, so if you sell just...
1 Sale Per Day
$469 a week
$2,010 a month
$24,455 a Year
Just 2 sales Per Day
$938 a week
$4,020 a month
$48,910 a Year
emember that Claire, who had absolutely no experience at all brought in almost $6000 in 6 weeks, for working just 1 hour a day using just one of the secret sources , and you are getting over 40!!!

These secret FREE resources are worth literally hundreds of thousands of pounds. Each and every one has the ability to easily send you between 1 and 5 + orders PER DAY.
Just 5 Orders a Day
$335 A Day
$2,345 A Week
$10,050 A Month
$122,275 A Year
As you can see this list alone (without Chris's website) is probably worth more than $100,000 to you. Imagine the amount of business you could do over the next 5 years even if you only took advantage of just 1 order a day that is an amazing $122,275 in 5 years!
That's a whopping return on your £299 ($499) investment!
Look, what I have just laid out for you is probably the most remarkable offer you have seen for years... maybe even ever. It's real and now is the time. My advice is to get in now while you still can.
If I had a Best Selling website like Chris's and these 40 secret sources of inexhaustible FREE customers I'd have been a Multi-Millionaire in 12 months!
Here's another really great thing about this because you can bypass all the costly, soul-destroying sales and traffic generating mistakes that "hijack" 99% of "would be" entrepreneurs, and instead, you can ensure you secure your financial future
knowing you'll always be able to create orders ANY day of the week whenever you want them. Orders that will help you generate multiple streams of income from people who will eagerly buy from you over and over again.

But you know what? Even with all this I feel like I haven't given this project the justice it deserves.

So let me give you a simple no-nonsense summary:
  • Within 5 Minutes You Will Have Your Own Website Automatically Linked To Your PayPal Account
  • The Set Up Is All Done For You Instantly
  • Your Website Will Be An Exact Replica Of Chris's PROVEN Best Selling Website That Sold $2.5 Million
  • You Will 100% Own One Of Just A Handful Of These Sites Ever Released
  • You Will Receive 100% Of All Money Taken (less the usual PayPal fees)
  • You Will Receive Over 40 Sources Of Proven Inexhaustible FREE Suppliers Of Customers
  • You Will Receive FULL Instructions Of How To Use These Sources
  • You Do Not Need Any Marketing Experience, NOTHING is Complicated Or Difficult To Do
  • The Process Is 100% Simple, You Just Need To Dedicate A Little Time, The More Time The More Money You Make
  • You Will Be Shown The Exact Same Method That Claire Was Shown That Brought Her Almost 6k In 6 Weeks
  • You Do Not Need To Be A Computer Wiz
  • The Only Thing That You Must Have Is A PayPal Account To Take The Money From Your Sales
I can assure you that It doesn't get better or easier than this!

I always tell my customers that it takes a little time to get established and start making good money, but this is a true short cut that can bring orders right to your door in a matter of days even hours

So, unfortunately this offer will be cut as soon as the limit is reached.

AND... That will happen quickly - VERY QUICKLY!

I'm sorry but there is no way around this, once the numbers are reached - your application will be declined.

So if you have a burning desire to bring in regular daily sales to a Proven, best-selling website and product- this offer will change everything for you.

Within the very first 5 minutes you will have everything you need to have a successful online business:-
There are just FIVE things that every online business needs:-
A Top Converting Website
A Top Product
An Easy To Use Integrated Payment System
Free Automatic Product Delivery
Free Sources of Regular Customers
And YOU will have ALL this and MUCH more
I Have Always Believed That A Little Success Goes A Long, Long Way And This Could Easily Be The Stepping Stone That You Have Been Waiting For...
…The Stepping Stone To Much Greater Things…
This is your chance to grasp control of your own destiny.

Now, this offer could be worth a huge amount of money to you... Tens of thousands of pounds, possibly MUCH more. So the investment of just £299 ($499) is going to pale into insignificant in the weeks to come.

And with the tiny amount of websites being released by Chris, the value of your site could go up by 10 times even if you just sit on it!

It sounds like a "no brainer" deal to me

I'm sure that you will agree that this is a small price to pay to secure your future...

There is NO OTHER INVESTMENT you could ever make in your future that will pay off so fast, and so richly.

Whatever else you might have earmarked the £299 ($499) for - cancel it.

Even if you've got just one ounce of desire pumping through your veins... you are going to make more money more easily than you ever thought possible.

It doesn't matter how experienced - or inexperienced - you are, either.
"Anyone Can Do This!
Here's the bottom-line: This offer is going to change your life. It will revolutionise everything for you. It will bring you money and success more easily than you ever thought possible, but only if you are one of the lucky few.
Life's short, let's get on with making you some money!
Okay, I'm done.

I'll be looking out for and expecting your order form

Best do it right now... this very instant. I'm expecting a huge demand and if I start getting too many applications (very likely!) you'll receive a polite e-mail reply saying that you waited too long and no more applications are being accepted.

David Anderson
PS.#1: Remember, Chris is only releasing a handful of these sites. Once he has his quota - that's the end of it. This unique offer is sure to go very fast - so make sure you complete the application form right now!

PS.#2: Don't forget that Claire, who had never done anything like this before made almost $6k in 6 weeks working just 1 hour a day. So, if you're serious - fill out and return your application form now to lock in your attendance